Hi! I'm Jacq Ng

Your HDB Upgrading Partner

I've structured numerous deals since 2009 and is highly proficient in Property Wealth Planning™ strategies and contract negotiation for both residential sales and tenancies. 

Helping HDB homeowners upgrade to new investment-grade homes and hold potential for future appreciation is another pride of mine.

If upgrading to a higher-value property is something you have always wanted, let me guide you step-by-step to reach your goal by applying Smart strategies from Property Wealth Planning™ . 

The most fulfilling part of my real estate career is when clients became friends. I am grateful for the friendship forged along the way. Their testimonials indeed bless me.

What Clients Say...

Good Property Agent Testimonial - Jacq Ng

" Responsible & Efficient. All our properties are managed by Jacq. She is someone we can totally trust "

 Mr & Mrs Qiu 

Good Property Agent Testimonial - Jacq Ng

" Jacq sold my Pinnacle @ Duxton for high price and help me find a new home. Very experienced agent "

Delia Quek

Good Property Agent - Jacq Ng

" Jacq transact my rental apartment at record price. Thanks for bringing quality tenants to me "

William Lim 

Good Property Agent - Jacq Ng

" I bought 2 undervalued properties from Jacq in year 2017 & 2019. I would highly recommend Jacq to anyone who want to find great value buys "

Joyce Chen

My Services


Using Property Wealth Planning™ smart strategies, I've helped my clients to: 

✔️ Upgrade from HDB to Private with No Additional Money Down

✔️ Plan A Step By Step Financial Roadmap


✔️ Manage Their Upgrading Buy & Sell Timeline 

✔️ Save on Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) using strategies such as Decoupling, Part-Purchase and Trust

✔️ Qualify For A Second 75% Loan

✔️ Free Up Equality For Business Or Education Without Selling Their Properties


Your HDB Upgrading Partner Good Property Agent Jacq Ng

I take ownership of your property

​8 Points Property Restructuring Suitability Checklist


Financial Freedom And A Comfortable Retirement Is Possible For Those Who Know How.


What You Do Today Can Have Massive Ripple Effects On Your Financial Future


Achieve Your Goals Safely With My 8 Points Property Restructuring Suitability Checklist Now!

Good Property Agent Mentor Navis Living Group OrangeTee

" A consistent mentor, generous in her sharing of knowledge. I'm thankful to have met Jacq and I hope to continue to work with and learn from her "

 Marie Ng

Assoc Marketing Director

Good Property Agent Mentor Navis Living Group OrangeTee

Jacq cares and leads the people around her. She is always there for the team and is an important pillar of support for them."

Stuart Chng 

Snr Assoc Executive Director

Good Property Agent Mentor Navis Living Group OrangeTee

Jacq's trustworthiness and genuine approach makes her a valuable asset to her associates."

Caroline Tay

 Assoc Marketing Manager

Good Property Agent Mentor Navis Living Group OrangeTee

" Jacq shared selflessly with everyone in the team.If you are looking for a switch in career or looking for a good mentor, I will strongly recommend Jacq."

HY Koh

Assoc Marketing Manager

Jacq Ng & Associates

Jacq Ng Associates Navis Living Group OrangeTee

At Jacq Ng & Associates, we support one another.


While I take pride in making a difference in my client's life, I am also equally passionate about mentoring and coaching fellow realtors.


Through open discussions and a genuine interest in helping them overcome their challenges, I've developed a strong bond and trusting relationship with them.

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What agents say...

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Real estate is my passion and I've curated several property investment blog articles. Through my blogs, I hope to share property insights on various real estate topics with my readers and empower them to make well informed decisions. I strive to provide a reliable platform for my readers, therefore, all my articles are backed by evidence from various credible sources such as those featured below.

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